Asics Lethal Hybrid 4 Rugby Boots Review

Asics Lethal Hybrid 4 Rugby Boots Review – The Asics Lethal Hybrid 4 Rugby Boots are the UK’s leading seller in Rugby boots they have combined science with build quality to create one of the greatest Rugby Boots of all time. The look and feel of these boots meets comfort,design and a real ability to improve your game. The Gel that surrounds the heal of the boot creates real support that will make running,kicking and rucking faster,longer and stronger. This review of the Asics Lethal hybrid 4 rugby boots goes into detail about the build qualities and improvements form a “normal” rugby boot.

Asics Lethal Hybrid 4 Rugby Boots Review

These boot have combined some real innovations to make a rugby boot that will improve your game and last you the whole 2013/14 season. The Studs are combined with moulded studs that offer real grip on both hard and soft natural playing surfaces. There has been a huge increase in the number of proffesional players choosing to wear Asics Lethal brand including the Australian International James Slipper.

Asics have made a huge splash onto the rugby scene with there revoulutionary designs. The Asics heel design (HG10mm) is all about preventing injuries and offers superior support to other boots. The Solyte 65 is a patented sole cushioning the player and along with the I.C.S or impact cushioning system means that the foot more free movement and is saved from the heavy impact of the Rugby Pitch.

All boots need to be able to cope with the wear and tear of the rugby pitch and these boots are just the ticket. They combine Real leather with Synthetic materials in order to offer a strong and durable boot. Where other boots may start falling apart during the season these boots will keep you going. There light weight buil means that you will be able to play longer and harder. Hybrid boots seem to be taking over this season as Players are looking for every edge they can have over their opponents.

There has often been a fear of these new boots in Rugby as the sport of gentlemen is often wary of new and revolutionary products but a new breed of players and coaches have come through the ranks and innovations such as GPS tracking are helping to study the game for the enjoyment of all. When you strap on your new pair of Asics Lethals be prepared for a new feeling of comfort and an ability trust in your boot.

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