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Completely Unique. adidas combine the best of all small-sided worlds: Turf, Sala, Indoor and Firm Ground into one shoe – ACE 16+ Tekkerz Shoes.Unlike any other boot out there, there’s no direct comparison as Tekkerz reflects the fun and joyful side of the small-sided game, both indoors and outdoors. Looking and feeling entirely different, why bother changing footwear for other surfaces when TKRZ brings the complete package.TKRZ SkinTruer touch and a purer ball connection through a forefoot skin layer, Tekkerz is designed specifically for cage games so you’re in complete control. You certainly don’t have to be the world’s best to appreciate the professional touch and the boot itself was developed for use by those players who will get the most out of them – you. Compression Fit You certainly don’t want your foot slipping about and making you lose your concentration when making that vital connection. That’s why the TKRZ compression tongue makes for a snug fit so your foot is always comfortably ready for action.TKRZ CTRL/FRAMEThis is where things get really interesting as the TPU-injected outsole brings a huge advantage in terms of acceleration, braking and direction change. With the TKRZ Skin wrapped beneath the forefoot then this allows you to roll the ball under your foot for indoor action. In terms of the rounded studs, seven in total, there’s less than on a FG boot and also shorter as you won’t be needing to penetrate the surface.This boot weighs 273g (UK 8.5).””Sizes: 12, 13, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5


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