adizero Malice 7s SG Rugby Boots

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Stay ahead of the pack with these adizero Malice 7’s SG Rugby Boots in an eye-catching Pink, Shock Blue and Bright Yellow from adidas. These extra special adidas rugby boots have been created for 7’s players competing at the Cape Town leg of the World 7’s Series and are designed for offensive rugby players at the back of the pack, particularly full-backs and wingers. Inspired by the Bo-Kaap area of Cape Town, with its distinctive pastel coloured houses, these adizero Malice boots feature innovative superlight technology within that provides faster acceleration, greater control and explosive changes in direction. Core features of these sevens rugby boots include the sock construction collar, which is made from neoprene, that provides enhanced support and protection of the ankle, as well as a snug fit. Included as well is an asymmetric lacing system that provides a larger surface area across the top of the forefoot for more accurate striking of the ball when kicking into touch or taking penalties. The breathable yet strong synthetic mesh upper is also super lightweight too. Underneath, these rugby boots include a sprint frame which is lightweight and tough wearing, giving the wearer quick acceleration for breaking away from defenders. Not to be caught stuck or slipping in the mud, the outsole has a speed traxion and moulded studs that provide both traction and support. Feel a surge of additional pace and master your kicking with the new adidas adizero Malice 7s SG Rugby Boots and their stylish design perfect for the sunny pitches of South Africa.


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