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Enhance the relaxation and recovery effect of your Blackroll by adding to it the Blackrooll Booster, an upgrade that causes the massage tool to vibrate for improved results. The white Blackroll Booster, which is compatible with all Blackrolls, can be inserted inside the roll and adds an option of vibration. The strength of vibration can be controlled manually by the user and ranges from 12 to 56hz, providing continuous intense pulsation. The benefits of adding this Blackroll Booster to your Blackroll include improved myofascial release, with the vibrations providing distraction for pain receptors and optimising blood circulation and the recovery of muscles. Certified by the Campaign for Healthier Backs, the Booster is appropriate for use on all muscle groups, from legs and arms to back, neck and abdomen. Ideal for helping muscles to recover after exercise and aid in the relief of pain from injury, a Blackroll Booster can also enhance the relaxation factor, allowing you to unwind after a hard day’s work or intense activity. Note: Blackroll not included. This device must be charged via USB cable and comes with a European adaptor only for wall sockets.


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