Bootmate TSI Flex & Protect Turf / Field Insole


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Designed by Podiatric and footwear professionals specifically for studded and cleated footwear. bootmate tsi®’s features and technical functionality means they fit into tight fitting boots to help provide better foot function, reducing the potential for injuries, and providing a comfortable experience. the unique design, combining Insolia Sport and Insolia Flex meets the demands placed on feet in studded and spiked shoes and boots. Key features include: • Helps protect the foot from studs and spikes found in boots and athletic shoes. • Lies flat and does not deform in tight fitting footwear. • Provides shock absorption and functional arch support. • Centres the foot for improved function during sport. • Permits a fuller stride length. • Permits timely heel lift and improved energy efficiency. • Easily replaces stock insoles and liners via ‘trim-to-fit’ guides. Insolia® Flex has been proven to allow natural flexing of the foot and therefore more efficient walking and running whilst in your boots. Tests also show bootmate tsi® can increase the distance run by over 30% as well as increasing oxygen intake efficiency by nearly 10% bootmate tsi® comes in 5 sizes from UK 3.5 (Euro 36) to UK 12 (Euro 47). Product Specs: Material Contents: Fabric 5%, PU Poly 47%, PU ISO 24%, EVA 19%, PE 4% Can be wiped clean using a damp cloth soaked with warm water and mild soap. Air dry.