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Calf and Shin Elastic Support

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The Vulkan Calf & Shin Support Advanced Elastic gives effective support and optimum compression to the calf, shin and achilles. This Vulkan Calf and Shin Support controls swelling, providing effective support for healing structures, and because it retains heat it gives compression, quick healing and improves blood circulation. The support’s elastic and durable material provides firm support to the lower leg, during the recovery phase of a and ca;f injury as well as ankle sprains. The Vulkan Calf & Shin Support Advanced Elastic can be used for daily activity, as well as following an injury, and is comfortable and easy to wear. Features and Benefits of the Vulkan Calf & Shin Support Advanced Elastic ∙Lightweight elastic material ∙Retains heat ∙Aids Circulation ∙Antibacterial ∙Odour Free ∙Washable Size Chart of the Vulkan Calf & Shin Support Advanced Elastic The measurement for the Vulkan Calf & Shin Support is taken by measuring around the middle point of the calf. Size of Support Measurement in cm Small Below 25cm Medium 26cm to 28.5cm Large 28.5cm to 31cm Vulkan Knee Support Advanced Elastic Vulcan Advanced Elastic uses Nano Flextra, a superior, multifunctional material which helps the body’s natural healing process and provides warmth and comfort. The professional design means the support offers unique heat retaining properties that increase blood flow around the joints during activities to speed up the body’s natural healing process. Techinically designed, the support also provides antibacterial properties to encourage cellular growth. The cross seciotal design helps remove excess sweat keeping the skin dry, comfortable and odour free. The support provides a 4 way stretch, lightweight, uniform compression for overall comfort and retains performance even after several washes.


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