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CCC Club Plus Kids Rugby Head Guard

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Defend your child when they dive headfirst into tough tackles by equipping them with the Canterbury CCC Club Plus Kids Rugby Head Guard in. This children’s rugby scrum cap from New Zealand rugby specialists Canterbury is World Rugby approved and features 10mm polyethylene foam padding to absorb impact shock. This headguard has a shorter fit on the cheek line to suit a wider variety of facial structures. Made from polycotton, polyethylene, lycra and spandex, for a secure fit the Club Plus Head Guard is fastened via an adjustable velcro chin strap and stretchy lacing at the back. Air holes over the ears and strategically placed around the cap provides additional ventilation to cool a young player’s head during intense match situations. Preventing dangerous injuries and allowing young players to focus on giving their all in every game, don’t let them get stuck into the scrum without the Canterbury CCC Club Plus Kids Rugby Head Guard.


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