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FF80 Pro 2.0 XTRX SG Rugby Boots

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You want power and extra grip? Well you’ve got plenty of both as adidas’ FF80 Pro 2.0 XTRX SG Rugby Boots provide a solid platform for explosive action. Cleverly designed to increase traction in scrums, rucks and mauls, you can be faster to the breakdown and support your team-mates. Keeping you comfortable for longer so you’re alert to all play, the hybrid touch upper makes for light wear for when the going gets tough. There’s even a TPU Weld, redesigned to offer more comprehensive lateral support to keep your foot securely locked in place. The now customary 5 & 2 stud configuration of the FF80 Pro continues to give you unrivalled traction so you can power yourself over soft, natural surfaces. This 5 & 2 stud design not only offers significant benefits over the more traditional 4 & 2 rugby boot but specifically caters to the unique requirements of the back-row, whether you’ve got 6, 7 or 8 on your back. Compatible with adidas’ miCoach chip (not included), this fits discreetly beneath the inner sole to report back on all your progress in training and match environments. Time, speed, distance, speed zones and number of sprints are all recorded and can be monitored by simply connecting the miCoach chip to your iPod/iPhone. This boot weighs 325g (UK 10.5). Make sure you kit yourself out with a spare set of rugby studs.


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