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Future 19.3 Netfit FG/AG Kids Football Boots

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The new 19.3 boots are inspired by the partial or total blocking of objects by another similarly to players going that extra mile on the pitch. If you’re ready to take your game to the next level these Puma Future 19.3 Netfit FG/AG Kids Football Boots in Black and White are the one’s for you. Puma have added a further generation of future Netfit boots to their collection with this 19.3 FG/AG football boot. These boots are designed with a snug fit, form-fitting upper, customisable lacing and a spandex ankle sock. The wearer’s feet will feel secure throughout the game with the ankle collar supporting them. The all-new lightweight and durable thermoplastic polyurethane outsole is flexible, provides grip and manoeuvrability and allows play on hard natural and artificial surfaces. These boots come predominantly in black with white detailing as Puma deliver darkness for the next move. These boots are customed with the Netfit PUMA red net lacing technology for infinite lacing options and optimal fit. Described as being perfect for all types of footballer whether that be the goal machine, the showboater or the speedster. * Designed to fit the foot – narrow or wide. * Combination of conical and bladed studs. * Slip-on construction. * Heel pull tab for easy on/off. * Firm Ground/ Artificial Ground They come as part of the Puma Eclipse pack where the boots cast a shadow over the pitch and their opponents. August 2018 saw the arrival of the first Eclipse pack and now the brand has returned to the shad style for their current generation. These boots aren’t totally blackout as they feature splashes of white. PUMA has taken inspiration from the eclipse, as the blackout upper marks the peak of the eclipse, while the pearl white soleplate is inspired by the moon, which casts its shadow on the sun, giving us the Eclipse. The “Eclipse Pack” won’t be supplied to the brand’s leading athletes, but what it does do is offer any player who wanted to lace up in the new-generation boots, but was put off by bolder colourways, an opportunity to make the switch.