Lethal Scrum SG Rugby Boots

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For dominance on the rugby field, the ASICS Lethal Scrum SG Rugby Boots are ready for powerful forward play. Featuring synthetic leather across the upper, the overall fit brings great comfort and one which is enhanced by the ASICS HG10mm (heel gradient). Now common place in all their rugby boots this innovative design feature helps prevent injury by positioning the body in a forward position to reduce the load on the Achilles, calf, hamstring and back. With an interchangeable eight stud configuration, the Lethal Scrum lends itself perfectly to natural soft conditions and is suited to players seeking extra traction in their forward play. A splendid white design may not appeal to all players but there is no denying that it looks the business and will help you stand out on the rugby field. This rugby boot weighs 343g (UK size 8). Make sure you kit yourself out with a spare set of rugby studs.


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