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Opro Ortho Lower Braces Mouth Guard

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Protect your teeth and gums especially when you have braces fitted with this Opro Ortho Lower Braces Mouthguard. This mouthguard has been crafted specifically for wearers of fixed lower braces. Each mouthguard comes with anti-microbial additive in the guard itself and the case also. This protects against the build-up of 99.99% of bacteria growth. This mo8uthguard will protect against cuts on the inside of your mouth and damage to your teeth. The fitting process makes this gum shield second to none when it comes to protection for those who have to wear braces. * Suitable for lower fixed brace wearers * Competition level protection * Suitable for all ball, stick and combat sports * Easy to fit and mould bespoke to you * Up to £15,000 worth of dental warranty