Performance Kids Rugby Head Guard


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Give your head and ears the protection they deserve no matter what position you are when you pull on this Rhino Performance Kids Rugby Head Guard in Grey and Blue. The head has less flesh than many other parts of the body which means blood vessels are closer to the surface so a small cut or abrasion can cause a lot of bleeding which can be prevented by wearing a head guard in rugby. Ears are also subject to a lot of trauma such as the continuous tearing and healing of the cartilage. This causes the ear to deform through the fluids that are drawn to the impact area trying to offer protection and in turn hardening. However, a head guard is the best prevention of ‘cauliflower ear’. This head guard features a closed cell foam design offering maximum cranial comfort and brings vital protection to the head whilst the multiple air vent sections help to keep the head cool. This hat remains flexible as well as durable to sit comfortably on al head shapes and sizes with the Dual Expansion Foam Technology provides more memory. The perfect fit of this head guard is created through the elastic lace drawstring and the adjustable velcro chin strap.