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Phat Phucs Replica Rugby Ball

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Delivering a world class professional performance in competitive action, play like Phat Phucs’ finest with the World Beach Rugby Phat Phucs Replica Rugby Ball. This ball of the Phat Phucs rugby team features a Chinese dragon design with Chinese flowers surrounding it. This ball is predominantly made up of red, brown, orange and yellow colours. World Rugby approved and hand stitched together, the replica rugby ball has a reaction laminate construction to ensure of optimal energy transfer between boot and ball when kicking. The ball comes pre-kicked by machine to remove residual stress – ready for optimal match action. Other technical features of this top quality replica ball includes a G-XV rubber compound surface with Multi-Matrix 3D grip for all weather superior grip that maximise hand contact and improves passing control and accuracy. A copolymer “Air-Loc” bladder improves air retention for greater endurance between re inflation whilst an Ellipse Truflight valve redistributes weight along the seams to improve rotational stability and accuracy.