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Predator Flare SG Rugby Boots

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Lace up and produce some flair of your own and leave defenders flat-footed with the adidas Predator Flare SG Rugby Boots in Legend Purple, Hi Res Yellow and True Orange. Gain ground and carry hard with this new adidas boot designed for the outside backs, the centres will benefit from the support tape which provides enough support for all the foot’s movement whilst crashing the ball up and making plays. The flying wingers will benefit from the lightweight and aggressive design through the Sprintframe which will have you ripping through the defence at top speed. These boots are perfect for a back player, numbers 9,11, 12, 13, 14 and 15. In a legend purple, hi res yellow and true orange colourway the Adidas Malice has had a new and improved makeover and despite being mainly for the kicking fly halves, any player in the back line will benefit from this excellent boot. These boots come as part of the Rising Sun pack inspired by the location for the Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan, the land of the rising sun. Japan was named so as it was the country seen to be the closest to the rise of the sun. The pack is designed for every player who is dreaming of playing at the RWC19, players who are ready to brighten up the game, excite, energize and bring new life to rugby. This pack allows the wearers to make the statement “This is who we are; this is where we came from and this is where we’re going.” Key Features: *Synthetic textile upper is comfortable and flexible * Non-Stop Grip (NSG) is a thin layer of dots applied to the upper for increased ball control * Support tape gives extra reinforcement where you need it most * SprintFrame for improved speed and traction * Soft Ground (SG) for soft muddy surfaces