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Predator Malice Control FG Rugby Boots

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For the players driving the team around the field, a must have for any fly half looking to kick the team to victory. Lace up the adidas Predator Malice Control FG Rugby Boots in Legend Purple, Shock Red and True Orange. The core of the boot is based purely on kick accuracy, an asymmetric lacing system is in place to create a larger sweet spot. This combined with updated predator technology will ensure more power, swerve and control for kicking in all conditions. As an extra bonus, this boot includes the Non-Stop Grip tech which improves the control on the ball, helping the ball to fly the way you wanted it to in all conditions. Underneath the boot the Sprintframe improves the stability and traction of the wearer helping whilst performing all the high energy sprints and movements, the 10mm raised heel also places the foot in an aggressive starting position as well as limiting injury. Boots created for kickers, the scrum and fly-half, numbers 9,10,11 and 12. In a legend purple, shock red and true orange colourway the Adidas Predator Malice has had a new and improved makeover, designed mainly for the kicking fly halves, although any player in the back line will benefit from this excellent boot. These boots come as part of the Rising Sun pack inspired by the location for the Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan, the land of the rising sun. Japan was named so as it was the country seen to be the closest to the rise of the sun. The pack is designed for every player who is dreaming of playing at the RWC19, players who are ready to brighten up the game, excite, energize and bring new life to rugby. This pack allows the wearers to make the statement “This is who we are; this is where we came from and this is where we’re going.” Key Features: * Predator tech in the forefoot for power, swerve and control * Non-Stop Grip for improved control of the ball * HybridTouch for lightweight softness * Asymmetric lacing for an increased sweet spot * Sprintframe for better traction and stability * Speedtraxion for high-speed movements and acceleration * 10mm heel raise for aggressive starting position and injury limitation * Firm Ground (FG) for soft muddy surfaces