RY400 Series Recovery L/S Compression Top

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Improved compression and reduced friction, raise your performance with SKINS RY400 Series Recovery L/S Compression Top. From a scientific perspective, optimised compression levels using Dynamic Gradient Compression Technology help aid recovery. Put in simple terms, the tight fit enhances circulation to deliver more oxygen to your muscles for faster recovery. It’s all very well having the science in place but a crucial aspect is also comfort and so the top has been developed to reduce friction against your skin and other clothing, enhancing freedom of movement and reducing the risk of chafing. Created from thin nylon and elastane, mesh panelling provides targeted breathability for a cool and dry feeling. Not just confined to indoors wear, SKINS comes equipped with 50+ UV protection so you can relax and recover in the sun ready for your next activity. So when best to pull on this SKINS kit? Well it’s advised you wear it for at least 3 hours after any exercise or even overnight. Wherever and whenever though, just remember that with SKINS ‘nothing else is proven to help you recover faster’.


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