Shiro Pro 6 Stud SG Rugby Boots


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Step into the light with these ultra high performance, lightweight and distinctive Shiro 6 Stud SG rugby boots in white from Gilbert Rugby. Don’t be afraid to take your game to the next level. An ideal boot for the flying back looking to stand out. Lightweight microfibre upper with weld design for ergonomical aerodynamic benefits. * Outsole: Speedplate HYB – ultra lightweight mix of prolite studs and TPU moulded studs for soft ground * Upper: Super light w/p microfibre upper with adaptive weld design * Last: Prozone fit last – with asymetrical lacing system * Insole: Complex multi matrix for ulitmate responsiveness * Studs: Pro lite – 14mm * Footbed: Pro-GIL-FB with heel raise * Feature: Sock like construction locks down the foot and provides ankle protection