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Shock Doctor Ultra Rugby Mouthguard

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Protection that doesn’t get in the way of performance, the Shock Doctor Ultra Rugby Mouthguard is light and tight for a custom fit. Designed to fit easily and with no more need for boiling, the exclusive Gel-Fit Liner Technology gives you an essential layer for cushion and a super-tight fit to keep the mouthguard securely in place at all times. Everyone has different shaped teeth and so the Form-Fit Chassis also fits your natural dimensions for added comfort. It’s no use being protected on the pitch if you can’t communicate with your team-mates and so Shock Doctor’s Bio-Fit design allows ease of speaking as well as breathing. A black and orange design to the mouthguard makes for a colourful presence and to help look after it there’s also a case included. This mouthguard has been designed for players aged 11+. Please note that due to hygiene reasons we are unable to accept any returns on this item once the packaging has been opened.


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