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The Premier II FG Football Boots

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For players seeking a simple leather boot that delivers a great fit and a ultra-soft touch on the ball, The Premier II FG Football Boot by Nike forms an integral part of the modern game. When you want a timeless appearance then look no further than the contrasting black and white colours; a winning look if ever there was one and which ultimately has stood the test of time. A solid black upper, white Swoosh extended around the heel and a crisp white sole – pure and simple in every way. Crafted from premium kangaroo leather across the upper, this sets the benchmark for softness to ensure a supremely natural feel with every touch. The lacing is centrally positioned just like in old times but the tongue now has a luxurious padded touch for additional protection and comfort. Retro, classic, timeless, – call it what you will but purists will embrace and rejoice in the release of Nike’s The Premier II Boot.


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