Triflex Match V3 Body Armour


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Get stuck into the action without putting yourself at risk of a game-ending injury with the flexible Gilbert Chieftain V3 Body Armour in Black, Grey and Volt Green. This body armour from rugby specialists Gilbert is essential for professional players and features 12 free floating interlinked closed-cell triangular EVA foam pads in the shoulders, chest, biceps, back, ribs and sternum to absorb the shock impact of heavy tackles and reduce the risk of injury. Triflex Pro technology also increases the armour’s flexibility so you can stay safe without compromising freedom of movement. Made from polyester and elastane, this protective base layer top has IPROX compression technology to ensure it delivers the protection you need and increase muscle oxygenation for faster recovery. DUOX Mesh Air Flow built into the fabric to help keep the wearer feeling drier and more refreshed during the heat of an intense match by improving air circulation within.


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