Top 10 Rugby boots for 2013/14 Season

We have tried and tested a large range from lots of different manufacturers. Some are different Stud types such as Blades and the classic 8 stud layout. There is a broad range in prices and we have started from the most expensive coming in at around at £165.00 but we go down to around the £40.00 mark. All these boots are from top quality makes such as Addidas,Mizuno and Puma. Gone are the days when rugby boots were a side line to football now specialist companies and brands have popped up and the larger companies are making Rugby specialist boots. Check the links to compare prices

Predtator Incurza XT Sg Rugby Boots are top of the lidt not just because they are the most expensive but because they have been at the forefront of design for about 15 years now. There are all types of styles and designs for different positions so check out the full range.




ff80 Pro XTRX SG Rugby boots are for the boys upfront. They will give you all the support and grip you need for scrumming and clearing out rucks.





Legend Elite fg rugby boots Have an original style and design and like most of these boots blend Leather with Synthetics to make a lighter boot. If you want to be the guy wearing the fancy boots try the Wild Thing Model tiger stripes an all.




Asics Lethal Tigreor 6 it . The Asics Lethal brand has tried new things with these boots, they look great but we are not sure if they are worth the extra money of some of the other boots, whats the saying “all hat no cattle?”,but to be fair if you are wanting to try something new give them a shot would be great for sevens.There are however much better Asics boots out there try the Lethal Tigreorfor a more traditional boot that is extremely comfy.




Puma Spirit Mixed Sole are really an exciting rugby boot from Puma. Puma was one of the first companies to bring out an all out rugby boot the Puma Kings and what a quality shoe that was. Any rugby player has to own a pair of Pumas at some point in there career just for the build quality alone and these Hybrids are a cracker.




Mizuno Timaru Rugby BootsMizuno Timaru are all the quality and practicality you need in a rugby boot. No fancy stuff just that great Mizuno build quality,grip looks and leather. A classic 8 Stud boot And for price unbeatable.check links for details.





cantebury rugbyCantebury Phoenix is another Classic 8 stud boot by the rugby Gurus at Cantebury, a new internal strapping system makes for great comfort.





mizuno Timaru hard toeMizuno Timaru again you say but this is a Rugby classic and whether it is 2013 or 2130 if you are playing in the front 8 these should be your first choice, yes they are heavier than other boots but the hard toe and ankle support over a season will make up for it. To be honest if your playing in the front row and are worried about the weight of your boots get a grip!





SO these are all the top brands out there and our top 10 boots, but there are only eight pictures I hear you say, well there are a couple of extra links there of high recommendation. The points to look for when buying a rugby boot are first of all think of your position. You dont need a pair of predators if you are playing in the front row and you dont want a hard toe Mizuno if you are playing on the Wing. Adidas have such a range that I could do top ten Adidas boots but thats for another time. Our advice is stick to your Mizuno,Puma,Gilbert 8 studs, although the Hybrids are exceptional over the 2013/14 season these are the boots that will last. All these boots cane be found at or click on the links to go direct to Boot shown.