Charger X1 Body Armour


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Protect your body with the Gilbert Charger X1 Body Armour. This body armour top is great value, with all key areas of the upper body covered with HDF EVA padding. This body armour top will keep you playing with just as much rigour in minute 80 as minute 1. The jersey effect reduces bulk and locks in warmth. * HDF 10mm EVA shoulder padding – combined with all over padding for excellent all round protection. * Body Padding – Covering Biceps, Sternum, Kidneys, Ribs and large back padding. * Fresh+ technology in the fabric adds and anti-bacterial and deodorising function the garment creating a fresher and odour reducing product. * FastWickX fabric technology provides a 4-way stretch to enhance the range of motions combined with soft feel and leads to extremely quick drying. * FatswickX Fabric designed to accelerate the pull of moisture away from the skin’s surface, keeping the body dry and eliminating the chilling effect.