Falcon 200 Rugby Head Guard


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must head into every tackle with determination and drive and cannot be distracted by uncertainties or fears. This is why Gilbert have designed the Falcon 200 Headguard to defend any player and give them the confidence to not think twice. Suitable for all playing levels and worn by the best of the best, the Falcon 200 provides not only outstanding value for money but great flexibility, fit and performance, necessary for diving into contact with no doubts. The hex padding with hollowed out ear sections allows strong defence so players have improved communication allowing their senses to go uncompromised when needed most. The expandable lace closure system and moulded foam configuration allows for a flexible fit to provide comfort and stability for all head shapes and sizes. In an intense game, players’ body temperatures can surge and with added headwear this could be uncomfortable and inhibit their top performance. The Falcon 200 takes this into account with small holes located around the headguard providing ventilation to the head. The Falcon 200 Headguard is available in size S-XL and comes in a wide range of colours: black/green, royal, volt green, black/silver, fizz green and electric blue, suitable for everyone. If you want to delete fear and come out on top, the Falcon 200 is the perfect fit.


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