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France 2018/19 Presentation Crew Rugby Sweatshirt

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Fly the flag and showcase your passion for Les Bleus whether out and about or at the game in this France 18/19 Presentation Crew Rugby Sweatshirt from Le Coq Sportif. International rugby team France have brought back Le Coq Sportif into the frame as their kit suppliers since they last kitted out Les Bleus in the glory days of the 70 and 80s. These two have now brought out a kit and training collection ready for the 6 nations and their World Cup preparations. This presentation sweatshirt is soft and made for comfort in 85% cotton and 15% polyester. It is navy blue with a red, white and blue striped collar, traditional colours for France and the reason one of their nicknames is les tricolores. The LCS logo is on the right with the French badge on the left. * Fabric knitted and dyed in France * Made in Morocco