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Ignis Pro Adult Rugby Mouth Guard

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When taking to the rugby field, there’s nothing worth protecting more than your teeth and there’s none better than the Makura Ignis Pro Adult Rugby Mouth Guard which comes in White and Blue. This Ignis Pro mouthguard delivers superior protection through the incredibly durable SHOKBLOKER tech outer which absorbs and diffuses frontal and transverse impact. In addition, the GELFORM liner utilises softened gel which creates a precise mould to the teeth for a comfortable and secure fit. Other essential elements to these mouthguards include the AIRTHRU channel which improves breathability even when the mouth is closed helping you to stay in the game even when the going gets tough. The simple boil & bite system helps to deliver a custom and simple fit, simply by dropping the gum shield in hot water and biting down allowing it to shape to the teeth.


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