OproShield Platinum Fangz Mouth Guard


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Give your teeth the protection they deserve whenever you take to the field when you wear this Opro OproShield Platinum Fangz Mouth Guard in White, Mint and Black. This mouthguard is the most advanced and elite level mouthguard in the Opro Self-Fit range. It harnesses an inter-jaw absorption layer thanks to its dual-layer construction. This provides additional shock absorption between the upper and lower jaw. The Opro Platinum comes with an anti-microbial case, which means you can store your mouthguard safe in the knowledge that it’s protected against up to 99.99% of bacteria growth. The mouthguard itself also has anti-microbial protection as standard in all Platinum level. Fitting: The Opro Platinum takes minutes to mould, and once moulded to your teeth will provide you with a comfortable and protective gum shield for whatever ball, stick or combat sport you play. Each pack comes with a fitting cradle, allowing you to place the mouthguard straight into your mouth. This not only ensures that it fits correctly when you mould it, but it also means you won’t have a wonky mouthguard too! ** Please note, you can’t wear the Platinum if you wear fixed braces. **


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