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VX3 Exigo Rugby Match Ball

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.Play your games with the very best equipment when you use this top quality VX3 Exigo Rugby Match Ball in a White, Red and Black colourway. This VX3 match ball is a top quality standard match ball which features an interesting black, grey and red design around the edge and comes with the VX3 logo proudly printed across the middle. The match ball name Exigo is showcased under the branding. This match rugby ball is made from polyester and cotton which have been laminated to protect the ball giving it its strength whilst allowing the user to have more power and control over what they produce with it. The laminate construction also ensures optimal energy transfer between the boot and the ball for the kicker. This ball uses the technical feature of a high air retention bladder with a rubberised surface making it perfect for both wet and dry grip. Don’t be afraid to play with speed during those wet conditions with this ball which also comes with a durable compound for all weather types, the superior grip maximises hand contact and improves passing control and accuracy. Deliver an outstanding performance with this VX3 Exigo Rugby Match Ball.