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Rugby Equipment has come a long way since William Web Ellis picked up that football at Rugby School and invented the game, as has the game itself. Modern rugby equipment is designed to be supportive and is often made out of High Tec materials so the player can perform to their best.

Rugby Boots are now specially designed for speed,grip kicking and to be hard wearing as the game demands. Gone are the days of the heavy lumpy high backed Rugby boots that slowed even the fastest player down. Adidas,Puma and Mizuno have changed the way Rugby boots are looked at, they are now stylish and lightweight.

Rugby Shirts too have developed into to lightweight,tight fitting shirts that support the players muscles, let the player breathe and are even designed to be hard to grab to avoid the tackler.

Womens Rugby posed some obvious problems in design however there are now compression shirts and sports bras that hold everything in place and give the player support. With that support comes an extra confidence in the women’s game as it grows from strength to strength.

rugby's7’s Rugby is moving into a league of its own now that it is an olympic sport. The speed of the game means that lightweight shoulder pads have to be developed. These are all explanations for why the game has evolved in the way that it has Tacklers are getting bigger, players are getting stronger and this call for adaptations in the gear needed for training and match day.

Rugby League has always been at the forefront of pushing Rugby’s boundaries. The breakaway League has been proffessional now for much longer than the Union game. Rugby league gear for sale has generally been more sort after as fans have always worn their clubs shirts to games. The gear worn by rugby league players still differs from Union mainly in the number of sponsors on the shirts.

Supporters shirts are readily available and can give the supporters a real connection with the team. International Rugby shirts have always sold well but now Wasps shirts and other club shirts are for sale at online shops.

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